UN Security Council

On September 26th 2018 Donald Trump chaired the United Nations Security Council.  Pundits suggested he would use the meeting to address proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), more specifically, to blast Iran’s nuclear activities and push for sanctions.

We invited the President to add Ukraine to the agenda.  Russian surrogates in Donbass and occupation of Crimea pose a risk to the rest of the country: other Eastern European countries are justifiably concerned that Russian expansion will continue.

     UN soldier.  August 11, 2011.  Reuters.

Every year Russian forces mass for an exercise, usually across the border from Ukraine.  United Nations peacekeepers in the Ukraine city of Kharkiv, east of Dnipropetrovsk and otherwise southeast of the Dnipr river in Ukraine will insure Russian forces and surrogates do not move further west toward Europe.

Of course, we suspect Russia will use it’s veto authority in the Security Council to stop such action, but a UN presence in Ukraine will reassure investors and industrial partners that Russian opportunism won’t jeopardize resources so needed today, and may be less threatening to Russia than other alternatives.

Fictional Forces disposition

Ukraine Skies, Baltimore Lights

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